Hinkley Point C Progress

By Hinkley point c media team -
By Hinkley point c media team –


Fundraising and donations support the NHS and local hospice

One of the largest contractors on the Hinkley Point C project, Bylor, have been working as a team to raise vital funds for the NHS. Welders working on the Nuclear Island have had a sponsored head shave, raising £2,000. Read more

23 January 2020

Managing Director’s video report from Hinkley Point C site

Stuart Crooks, managing Director of Hinkley point C, looks ahead to a busy year at one of Europe’s largest construction sites.

View the video report here> EDF – Hinkley point


28th June 2019

Hinkley Point C hits its biggest milestone yet

By Hinkley Point C Media team/ June 28th, 2019/ HPC News
By Hinkley point C Media team/ June 28th, 2019/ HPC News

Hinkley Point C has hit its biggest milestone yet on schedule. The completion of the base for the first reactor, known as “J-zero”, means that the construction of the nuclear buildings above ground can now begin in earnest.

23 April 2019

HPC remains on track for its biggest milestone yet: “J-0”, the completion of the 45,000 tonne base for reactor one at the end of June. Tunnel boring is about to begin and the first ship is due to dock at the site at the end of April.

HPC Reactor Base
HPC , Reactor base under construction


Annual report: HPC Socio-economic impact

Hinkley Point C has published its annual socio-economic report ‘HPC: Realising the Socio-economic Benefits’.


What’s happening at Flamaville?

The French nuclear regulator, ASN, recently published its advisory committee’s report recommending eight welds at Flamanville 3 to be upgraded to bring these welds into compliance with its rupture exclusion principle. This is not anticipated to impact on work at HPC or SZC. At HPC the equivalent welding work is to be undertaken by the same company (Bilfinger) that completed the welding at Olkiluoto 3 without problems, including the same key personnel; extra checking and surveillance programmes have been implemented to ensure the work is completed satisfactorily; we have fully evaluated the process and material and are confident we can complete this work to the standard required.