Helping your business actively work towards sustainability – Webinar

Spanning over the remainder of 2023 and in to 2024 we will be offering a series of webinars and workshops which will aim to support our local and regional supply chain and give you the resources you need, to be part of the Sizewell C project. The topics covered are imperative to get right and will support you to be part of this monumental project, so book a place on our newly launched webinars with new topics being released regularly.

These webinars will help you understand what is meant by social value and give you the tools you need to help support you in working alongside others on Sizewell C.

Helping your business actively work towards sustainability | Tuesday 05 December | 14:00pm-16:00pm

In collaboration with Auditel and Wild East, this webinar will help you to understand the commitments made by Sizewell C in helping the UK tackle its Net Zero 2050 legally binding targets.  You will hear from Sizewell C about how the project will support businesses on their net zero transition, and from expert organisations who can provide direct guidance and support to help your business through this key time of change.  Tackling climate change is something we all have to do and Sizewell C is stepping forward to be an exemplar project on the road to net zero.

On each webinar you will hear from key representatives from the Sizewell C Compliance, contracting and ESG teams as well from organisations who will discuss the support avenues available to your organisation. There will also be an opportunity to partake in a Q&A with all speakers during each session.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and we hope to see a representative from your organisation there!