International Trade Courses

International Trade – BCC Accredited Courses

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has a range of trade courses, accredited with the British Chamber of Commerce, when six merits are received the delegate receives a full foundation award in trade.

Firstly the 6 Core ‘Ready for Trading with the EU’ courses – can be booked using our 5% block discount! All of the below are BCC Accredited.

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The courses in summary
* Understanding Exporting – Broad Overview, great for beginners/those with less understanding or as a refresher course.

*  Export Documentation – Goes hand in hand with the above, sometimes company’s may just import or export so they may only want to do one or the other, but some may need both.

* Import Procedures – As above.

*  Customs Procedures & Documentation – EU changes included, what they need to do now.

* Preference Rules of Origin – Very popular for 2021, understanding of rules of origin is crucial so businesses don’t get charged incorrectly, and makes sure 3rd parties aren’t part of any trade agreement.

* Incoterms – Needed for trading in the EU, they need to be accurately registered in the UK to trade.

Other BCC accredited courses:

*  Methods of Payment & Letters of Credit – Important for those trading with Asia/Middle East.

* Agents & Distributors – Strategy for expanding sales overseas suing agents or distributors so it gives an overview of doing this.

* Inward & Outward processing – Great for businesses that undertake repairs to imports then re-export them, helps company’s avoid duty charges.
We can be flexible with dates and courses, if anyone wants to enquire about a tailored date or course please let us know.

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