Jargon Buster

In order to communicate effectively, and keep you up to date with the progress of Sizewell C, we will endeavour to use plain English on our website, in our newsletters and on social media.

There are, however, some words and phrases that we need to use to align with messages coming from EDF and its contractors. Here we explain some of those terms.

On the project:

EDF: EDF is the energy company planning to build Sizewell C

Tier 1: Tier 1 contractors are the ‘big guns’, large construction companies who will take on the major burden of building the power station. They in turn will look for Tier 2 contractors to support them, who, in some cases will look for Tier 3 support and so on. Very few contracts at Sizewell C will be awarded by EDF; most will come from Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors.

Civil Works Alliance or CWA: This is an EDF supported collaborative organisation between Tier 1 contractors involved in the construction of Sizewell C.

Work package or WP: A Work Package is a group of related tasks within a larger project and are often referred to as sub-projects. An example would include designing and building the park and ride facility.

Joint Venture or JV: This is a business created by two or more parties. In the context of Sizewell C, it is anticipated that in order to fulfil large contracts, smaller companies may benefit from forming JVs to combine their skills and resources, and to share the risk, of more significant Work Packages.

Nuclear Island: The Nuclear Island is the heart of the nuclear power plant and houses the reactors, coolant pumps and steam generators. Companies seeking work on the Nuclear Island will need to prove certain standards in terms of quality and performance in order to work on this area of the project.

Development Consent Order or DCO: This is the planning process necessary for nationally significant infrastructure projects and is submitted to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for consideration.

Sizewell C Consortium: This is a group of more than 100 leading companies and organisations from across the UK who are united in their desire to see Sizewell C built for Britain.


On our website:

Sizewell C Supply Chain Platform or Portal: These are alternative names for our website www.sizewellcsupplychain.co.uk

Local: When we refer to local companies, we mean businesses based, or with a significant presence, in Suffolk.

Regional: Regional companies are those who are based, or with a significant presence, in the other five counties known collectively as the East of England. They are Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Direct supplier or site contractor: These are companies whose products and/or personnel will be on-site during construction.

Indirect supplier: These are companies whose products or services are off-site, such as IT, accommodation and consultancy.

Categories: We have divided our database into categories to help us match your company’s primary function to specific work WPs.

Capabilities: These are sub-divisions of categories that enable us to hone in on your key skills/services/expertise.

Key words: When you register with our database, you will be asked for key words that describe your company. These are central to the searches we undertake, so put yourself in our shoes and choose the words that best sum up your business and what it is capable of to enable us to perform a deeper dive into our data. Together Key Words, Capabilities and Categories should form a spotlight onto the services you wish to provide – make them visible to us by using these tools.

Comma separated words: When filling in your Key Words, please format them as a comma separated list. For example, if you are a construction company that also does earthworks and plant hire, your Key Words should read: construction, earthworks, plant hire.

FSB: Federation of Small Businesses

CILT: Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

NSAN: National Skills Academy Nuclear is a skills for nuclear focussed membership organisation offering courses through West Suffolk College.


More generally:

Construction Playbook: This is a Government document outlining how the construction industry should conduct itself in relation to efficiency, best practise, environment and engagement with SMEs. Read more here:  https://www.sizewellcsupplychain.co.uk/events/construction-playbook-information/

Hinkley Point C or HPC: EDF are currently constructing a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. This is significant as Sizewell C will be an ‘intelligent replication’ of HPC meaning lessons learnt from Hinkley will ensure Sizewell C is delivered with all the experience gleaned from her sister in the South West.

NNB: New Nuclear Build

Net Zero: Net Zero means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and those taken out. It is anticipated that Sizewell C could save nine million tonnes of carbon emissions for each year of operation compared to a gas-fired power station.

Net Zero 2050: The is a UK Government target to achieve zero emissions by 2050. You can read more about this policy by visiting https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-ten-point-plan-for-a-green-industrial-revolution

ISO accreditation: The International Organisation for Standardisation is a global standards body. An ISO certificate represents third party validation of your company’s competence in certain areas such as Health & Safety, Environment and Quality.