25 years on, Sizewell B nuclear power station continues to produce vital low carbon energy

Sizewell B nuclear power station is celebrating 25 years of safely generating low carbon electricity.beach_shot_llwxmv

EDF’s director of Nuclear Development, Humphrey Cadoux- Hudson, writes that the anniversary comes at a critical moment for the industry.

 Nuclear provides low carbon power around the clock whatever the weather, says Humphrey Cadoux Hudson.

25 years ago, Sizewell B nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast quietly came to life. As an employee put it at the time, it simply ‘floated’ into service without bells or alarms or sudden movements of the instrument dials.

Since then, Sizewell B has safely helped to keep the lights on in millions of homes and its low carbon power has saved around 76million tonnes of CO2 from being pumped into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of keeping all petrol and diesel cars off UK roads for over a year. The engineers who built and operated it can be proud of the contribution they have made to the UK’s vital requirement for low carbon energy.

(Credit Humphrey Cadoux Hudson -EDF Energy 14/02/2020)