Suffolk Chamber welcomes third stage consultation for Sizewell C

Chamber welcomes third stage consultation for Sizewell C as “a significant step forward for Suffolk’s economy” 

Suffolk’s leading business body has today (20 November) welcomed the announcement from EDF Energy that the final stage in its consultation for a new nuclear power station begins early next year.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has been a supporter of the proposed Sizewell C station from the very outset of the project and runs the supply chain website ( on behalf of EDF Energy.

Suffolk Chamber has made considerable progress in getting as many local and regional firms registered on the site and ready both to win contracts for the construction and operational phases of the station as possible.

Over 1400 firms have signed up to the website and so receive advance notice of news about Sizewell C and ways in which they can become ‘nuclear-ready’.

80% of the contracts awarded in building a nuclear power station go to non-nuclear specialist companies.

John Dugmore, chief executive of Suffolk Chamber, said: “The nuclear sector has been good for Suffolk businesses and indeed for those across the east of England as a whole for over 40 years.

“Sizewell C offers the tantalising opportunity for this mutually beneficial relationship to deepen and continue for many more decades to come.

“The start of the third and final stage, which begins on 4 January, is therefore a significant step forward for Suffolk’s economy. I’d urge any local businesses who haven’t yet registered on the Sizewell C supply chain website to do so without delay.”


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