Get ready for nuclear courses go online with up to 40% discount

Popular courses aimed at preparing companies for working in the nuclear sector are now available online with discounts available for businesses in the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP) catchment area.

The National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) Triple Bar Nuclear Manufacturing programme is now available for distance learning and is being delivered by NSAN’s eastern flagship centre West Suffolk College.

Dug Harrison, client relationship manager at NSAN said the decision was made to ensure companies could still upskill in readiness for Sizewell C despite the pandemic.

He said: “Due to Covid restrictions, we have developed an online version of the Triple Bar Nuclear Manufacturing programme (NRP).  The first online course was delivered on the 15th & 16th February and feedback has been excellent.  We are planning to run one course each month as this is a popular course for companies looking to break into the nuclear sector, as it deals with the quality aspect of nuclear work in this highly regulated sector.”

The programme will provide up to 40% funding support to engage and equip businesses in the New Anglia region to maximise the benefits from nuclear site development and operations.  The funding will support the upskilling, further development of businesses who may currently be, or are looking to be a part of the supply chain for Sizewell B as well as maximising the opportunities created by Sizewell C.  The training will enable local companies to upskill their workforce and empower them to bid for a wider range of contracts in the nuclear industry both across the UK and internationally.

This and other courses are included in the NRP and details can be found in the link below where companies can take advantage of up to 40% discount available.