Hinkley Point C commence final concrete pour for J0 achievement

Stuart Crooks, managing director for Hinkley Point C (HPC) has announced the ‘momentous news’ that the HPC team has taken the final step on their journey to J0 (Jalon Zero ’is a French term meaning ‘milestone zero’) at the start of the final concrete pour on the ‘Common Raft’ the foundation platform for the first reactor.

At 9,000m3 this will set a new UK record for the largest continuous concrete pour and will take more than three days to complete. This is the last of five segments which make up the Common Raft of Unit 1 – the first of which was poured in December 2018.

Stuart Crooks said “When complete we will have achieved J0 on schedule. This is our biggest milestone to date and signifies the start of transition from the below ground activity to the construction of permanent reactor buildings above ground

“In order of importance, our priorities of safety, quality, time and cost have guided us to deliver this milestone in an impressive 33 months since FID, compared with a baseline of 36 months.”

In the letter to the HPC team Stuart Crooks recognised the “trust transparency and teamwork evident throughout.

“Only by applying the 3Ts and by working to our HPC values (positivity, respect, clarity, solidarity and humility) will we succeed in our ambition to build the first nuclear power station in a generation.”

Unit 2 is also progressing with improved efficiency as the team learns from the construction of Unit 1. The first concrete has been poured on the pre-stressing gallery which is running just 12 months behind Unit 1. It is expected that Sizewell C will further benefit in terms of efficiency from the innovations and lessons learned.

The next milestone for the HPC team will be the dome lift for Unit 1. By this point, the team will have installed 20% of the equipment and connected 20% of the plant in preparation for commissioning. In the final words of Stuart Crooks to the HPC team:

“HPC and Sizewell C are critical to enable the country to meet its net zero target and tackle the climate change crisis.  You should be proud to be delivering a positive legacy and helping “Generation Electric” power their lives with electricity that won’t harm the planet.”

Source: HPC Communications- Stuart Crooks, letter to Team HPC