New consultation begins as Sizewell C proposals altered to accommodate local feedback

We are listening Suffolk

Sizewell C is making important changes to its proposals for the planned new nuclear power station after listening to feedback from the two local authorities in the region as well as residents, MPs and other stakeholders.

In a notification submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, Sizewell C is proposing a series of changes which include increasing rail and sea deliveries during construction to reduce the number of HGVs on local roads.

The project also plans to reduce the use of AONB land on the Sizewell estate by working closely with Sizewell A, which is being decommissioned, and by using existing land for critical buildings that need to be moved to allow construction to get underway. Furthermore, Sizewell C is proposing additional land for the creation of fen meadow.

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, Sizewell C Managing Director, said:  “We take the feedback from the councils, MPs and local people extremely seriously and would like to make these updates to our proposals in good time so they can be considered by the planning inspectorate and all interested parties during the next phase of this process.  We hope these changes will give even greater confidence to local communities that the benefits of this project for Suffolk will far outweigh the potential impacts during construction.”

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes during a 30day consultation which will start on November 18.  The consultation will be operated in strict accordance with the pandemic guidelines.

Other steps that have been taken to improve the benefits for Suffolk include:

  • An increase from 1000 – 1500 apprenticeships
  • The launch of Young Sizewell C to provide links through education into training and jobs with Sizewell C and other regional companies
  • A clear pathway for students leaving education now to start work on Hinkley Point C and then return to the Sizewell C project in an advanced role – the first of those apprenticeships have been allocated to students in East Coast College and they are scheduled to start at HPC this year
  • Allocating our apprenticeship levy to enable local firms to take on apprentices in critical skills areas for the region
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies

Responding to the latest proposals, Gareth Davies, Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement at Suffolk Chamber of Commerce said: “Suffolk Chamber welcomes any measures that reduce the environmental impacts to both the AONB and communities surrounding Sizewell C, whilst continuing to offer post-Covid economic growth through education, highly skilled and highly paid jobs in Suffolk.

“We are engaging with companies on the local and regional supply chain to ensure environmental consideration and mitigation is at the forefront of their plans when considering work at Sizewell C.”


Click here for an animated CGI of the proposals for Sizewell C


Public access to the consultation material

There will be a virtual exhibition and you can view the consultation document and response  form by:

The UK Government has put in place lockdown measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of writing restrictions will be lifted from 3 December. However, this consultation can be accessed remotely and our team is on hand to answer questions and engage directly with you.

  • The Sizewell C team can provide presentations to remote meetings and webinars.
  • Members of the team can discuss the proposals over  the phone.
  • Documents can be sent to your home and feedback received via Freepost, email or collection arranged.

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