Proposed Meet the Buyer Event


Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Sizewell C Civil Works Alliance, is planning a live Meet the Buyer event to allow Sizewell C Supply Chain Portal registered companies a chance to better understand the opportunities that Sizewell C could offer their business.

Key members of the Civil Works Alliance will be present to answer your questions. These include Dr Sarah Williamson, the SZC Civil Programme Director, Kurt Hutcheon who is the Procurement Lead and Steve Carroll, the Supply Chain Lead.


The event will be staged via Zoom on Wednesday, October 28th at 10am, with limited places available.


In order to focus the event towards the Early Works contracts (those that will enable the site such as road and rail improvements), businesses will be selected from the database having been identified as suitable to fulfil Early Works Contracts and who have also registered an interest in attending as per the advice below.

What do I need to do now?

If you responded to the newsletter circulated on 13 August and registered your interest, there is nothing further to do. If you have not yet responded and believe your company could have a role to play in the Early Works Contracts please complete the form at this Hyperlink.

What if I can’t attend?

Don’t worry, you have not missed out on contracts! We will be running numerous events over the coming months, some of them focused towards a specific project, some more generic. Further, we will be compiling and answering FAQ from each event and publishing these on this Portal to ensure that everyone has sight of them.