Related opportunities

The industrial horizon in the U.K. continues to develop with opportunities for business in Suffolk and regional areas inevitably arising. Work in the nuclear industry tends to be made available to SMEs and mid-sized companies through Tier 1s – The Suffolk Chamber will be developing links with these Tier 1s as those who have made footprints in Somerset inevitably will look east for similar chances to express an interest at Sizewell C if, or when the project approaches Stage 3 socio-economic consultation.

With the list below showing projects that are also being spoken about; the Chamber will continue to be a focal point for introductions and routes to market:

  • Lobbying for improvements of the A14 corridor
  • Nuclear de-commissioning in Germany
  • Opportunities with EDF in Somerset
  • Road and rail improvements in East Anglia
  • A potential second crossing of the River Orwell or a Northern by-pass in Ipswich
  • The development of RAF Mildenhall by the DIO
  • The further development of the waterfront in Ipswich including the refurbishment of the wine-rack
  • A third river crossing in Great Yarmouth
  • The Lake Lothing crossing project in Lowestoft