Sizewell C enters next phase as planning inspectorate begins formal examination of the plans

Sizewell C has reached an important milestone as it enters the formal examination phase of the planning process.

Over the next six months a panel, commissioned by the Government, will consider all relevant and important issues to do with the proposals in a series of public hearings. It’s a vital step in ensuring the plans are openly scrutinised and is welcomed by EDF, the firm behind the plans for the power station on the Suffolk coast.

A computer generated image of the proposed new power station Sizewell C
A computer generated image of the proposed new power station Sizewell C

The public consultation started almost a decade ago and EDF remains totally committed to listening to the views of East Suffolk communities. In response to feedback, the company put forward new ideas which will ensure most construction materials are delivered by sea and rail. These proposals mean the maximum number of HGVs on any day will be reduced by 30% and reduce the amount of environmentally sensitive land needed for the project.

Gareth Davies, Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement at Suffolk Chamber of Commerce said: “Suffolk Chamber of Commerce welcomes this important milestone in the planning stage and is pleased to see the commitments to reducing HGV movements through Suffolk communities. The Supply Chain Engagement Team continues to work hard to ensure that Suffolk and regional businesses are best placed to maximise opportunities to work on the Sizewell C project and support EDF in meeting their Development Consent Order commitments to the local and regional supply chain.”