The Supply Chain team visit Sizewell C

The Supply chain team recently took the opportunity to visit the proposed site of the SZC nuclear new build.

The SZC Supply chain team view the area where the twin turbines will be built alongside SZB. (photo – Samuel Kalibbala)

The trip, arranged by Steve Carroll, Senior Supply chain lead for Sizewell C took in the proposed sites for the Park and Ride facilities, Freight management facility, new road layout and the actual site location of the new Nuclear power station. The aim of this visit was to help the team gain vital information about the challenges that lay ahead when building this huge infrastructure project.  The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce – Supply chain team team are there to support local businesses and therefore it is vital in our roles to be able to give the most up to date and relevant support and advice we can.

The team also visited to the Sizewell B Visitor Centre where Tom McGarry, Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Steve Carroll provided an update on the project and the workings of a nuclear power station.

Ashley Shorey-Mills, Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement commented:

“The visit was a real eye opener to us all, as to the scale and size of the project that is happening in our home county.  For us all to be able to actually see the sites where the work is taking place, has helped us all massively in appreciating the skills and work that will be required by the local firms we are all speaking to on a daily basis”

Looking out over the landscape around SZB. (photo-Samuel Kalibbala)

In addition to all the mechanical and industrial aspects of the Nuclear build, The Sizewell C tour team actively showed us round the site, showcasing the work that has been done to keep this part of Suffolk looking as beautiful as possible.  In particular, the team were fascinated by the area previously used to construct Sizewell B, and how it is a completely natural environment……. You would never have guessed what it had previously been used for.

“What is also great, was that any business can use the facilities at Sizewell B, for education events and even company away days, completely free of charge, where they can understand how a Nuclear power station works and importantly how Sizewell C will help to get the UK to Net Zero by 2050.  They also talk through all the work that has gone into making sure Sizewell C has as little impact locally as possible” added Ashley.

If you are interested in the project but haven’t yet registered your company on to the Supply chain portal please visit  or contact one of the team on