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Project updates from EDF Sizewell C 

Stage 4 Feedback

Stage 4 public consultation on Sizewell C ran from July to September 2019 and was focused on a limited set of issues and proposals, principally on:

  • an integrated transport strategy combining road and rail use for the delivery of freight to site;
  • additional land for wildlife mitigation measures;
  • whether proposed bypasses for the B1122 should be permanent or temporary;
  • more details on the jobs and skills required for construction.

Sizewell C -Stage 4 Consultation

With the benefit of feedback from three stages of consultation and continued environmental and technical studies, EDF have continued to update and improve their proposals. Before finalising their application for development consent, they sought views at their Stage 4 consultation on a number of potential changes they thought may improve the proposals further including a new integrated freight management strategy.

Stage 4 ran from 18 July to 27 September 2019. The purpose of this consultation was to provide an update on some proposals that had changed since Stage 3 and to introduce an alternative, third option for moving materials on and off site during the construction period. These proposals emerged in light of feedback at Stage 3 and on-going engagement with stakeholders. For more information on the Consultation and to download the Consultation Document please follow the link below

Sizewell C EDF Energy site

Sizewell C Project update July 2019 – Stage 3 Feedback 

In January, we launched the third stage of our public consultation on the proposals for Sizewell C. The focus of Stage 3 was to consider how we build the new power station, mitigating the impacts of construction on local communities while also maximising the benefits of this major investment in Suffolk. Project update and feedback from the third stage of the consultation can be found Here

Stage 3 Consultation

The Sizewell C team thanked local residents for their interest in the latest proposals for the new power station. During the consultation  which ran from 4 January -29 March, they met with almost 7,000 People through 100 events. Over 32,000 visits were made to the consultation website. Further information on the proposals can be found on the EDF website Here

Sizewell C New Nuclear Update Presentation 2017

Presentation by John McNamara Sizewell Community Relations Manager, Nuclear New Build. Presented at the Suffolk Chamber in Lowestoft & Waveney Business networking breakfast held on September 2017.

Nuclear Industry Sector Map Interactive map to illustrate and provide links to the range of organisations and bodies that constitute the UK civil nuclear industry.