Safety Quality Standards

The primary aims of the EDF Energy procurement and contracting strategy are to:

  • Ensure services, equipment, materials and construction are safely provided.
  • Ensure that these are high-quality, on time and within the budget, taking into account the long-term operation of the plant.
  • Deliver best value.
  • Provide a transparent approach with clear roles, accountabilities and decision making.

In order to deliver this ambitious project on time and on budget, our procurement partners will have to make safety and quality central to everything they do. Our key considerations in selecting supply chain participants include:

  • An uncompromising commitment to nuclear, industrial and environmental safety.
  • A desire to achieve zero harm while delivering our sustainability and environmental aspirations.
  • Cost and socio-economic benefits.
  • Appropriate levels of competency and skills for their intended activities.
  • Suitably qualified and experienced people (and the evidence)
  • Suitable written Health & Safety Policy that is consistent with EDF Energy’s policy on Zero Harm.
  • Good safety performance record.
  • An appropriate management systems that meets the requirements contained in BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN 14001 and OHSAS 45001.
  • Non-Nuclear Contracts will reference British and European Standards.
  • Plant and equipment suppliers are fully compliant with all applicable regulations, standards and specifications.
  • Environmental and sustainability policies that are comparable to EDF Energy’s policies.
  • Suppliers have not been the subject to prosecution or other legal action with respect to occupational illness or accidents.

Depending on which work package is being considered, different levels of accreditations and standards will apply.