About us

The Sizewell C Supply Chain team, established by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, has embarked on a mission to ensure the efficient and effective management of opportunities for local and regional businesses. To achieve this goal, the team is providing an array of valuable support services, including the management of the Sizewell C Supply Chain website portal.

The team is capturing the essential details of businesses in Suffolk and the surrounding region, comprehensively mapping their core capabilities against the Sizewell C project requirements. This enables the team to expertly match suppliers with Sizewell C and Tier 1 contractor work package requirements, effectively streamlining the supply chain process.

The team is also co-chairing and enabling the Site Operations and Industrial Partner steering groups that are overseeing the development of the supply chain response to the project. Furthermore, the team is avidly communicating up-to-date project and work package news and information to suppliers registered on the supplier portal, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the process.

Finally, the Sizewell C Supply Chain team is using their expertise to broker relevant business support services that assist suppliers in meeting quality and safety standards. By providing this extensive range of support services, the Sizewell C Supply Chain team is helping to enhance the local and regional business community’s involvement in this critical project.


Meet the Team

Ashley Shorey-Mills – Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement Director

PROFILE: Ashley has spent over 20 years working across Retail and Senior Operations Management, promoting local business and people throughout that time. With vast experience of stakeholder management and a keen focus on business development and relations, Ashley has the drive to ensure Suffolk and regional businesses fully benefit from the monumental opportunity that Sizewell C offers.

An enthusiastic, positive and outgoing outlook, provides the basis for all he does, believing that challenging yourself or your business is key to improvement.  He is open to any form of conversation or contact, so please do not hesitate to drop him a message to help you understand better, the ways to get involved in the Sizewell C project.  He enjoys spreading a positive message for Suffolk and regional businesses and building strong, long lasting relationships.

Email: ashley@suffolkchamber.co.uk  |  Tel: 07436 148727

Ian Currie – Supply Chain Manager

PROFILE: A Chartered Engineer, business analyst and former RAF Officer, Ian comes to the role from Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in Cambridge where he fulfilled consulting, strategy analysis and business planning roles.

At Suffolk Chamber, Ian joins a growing team working in collaboration with EDF, the company behind Sizewell C, to ensure local and regional companies are ready to win work during the construction of the new nuclear power station planned for the Suffolk coast.

His main role will be to manage work packages being issued by Sizewell C and the Civil Works Alliance of Tier 1 contractors, understand what is required, and, where possible, find local companies who have the expertise and capacity to fulfil the work. Ian will also undertake gap analysis on companies registered on the supply chain database, to make sure they are fully aligned with the necessary accreditations and governance to work on the project, so they are fit to bid as contracts become available.

Email: Ian@suffolkchamber.co.uk | Tel: 07436 411532

Bethany Pattinson – Sizewell C Supply Chain Events Coordinator

PROFILE: Bethany has been with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce since December 2022 and has a wealth of experience working within events; from corporate events to weddings she has always applied a comprehensive and detail-oriented approach to ensuring the successful running of events and is eager to use this experience as part of the Sizewell C Supply Chain team when bringing you the engagement events, webinars and business support programme that can help give your organisation the knowledge and support it needs to become part of this monumental project within Suffolk.

Email: bethany@suffolkchamber.co.uk | Tel: 07341 137061

Jack Bowen – Suffolk Chamber Supply Chain Marketing Coordinator

PROFILE: Jack is our latest team member, joining the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce the Summer of 2023 after working as a Marketing Consultant to aid in the start-up development of a digital media company, managing the development of its online presence. Prior to this, Jack graduated Nottingham Business School, within Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing after receiving a first-class honours, situating him in the top quartile of the institutions education bracket.

Between education, Jack also carried out summers stints within the construction sector which equipped him with transferable insight, experience and knowledge which can be executed on the projects supply chain.

Jack is eager to bring a young, fresh, creative perspective to the Supply Chains physical and digital communication strategies, with plans to support the brand’s image and generate a consistent online presence.

Email: Jack@suffolkchamber.co.uk | Tel: 07825 519592

Working as part of the wider Suffolk Chamber, Ashley and his team will be there to offer guidance and support to any business registered on the portal, identifying areas where we can help you get ready for the Nuclear programme and the wider benefit the Sizewell C project can bring to the community.