The Sizewell C Supply Chain Portal provides two levels of registration, depending on the type of work you expect to perform on the project; either to register as Site Contractor- Direct Supplier  or an Indirect Service Provider.

Site Contractor – Direct Supplier

For businesses whose work or service is directly related to the potential construction of Sizewell C or associated development. (suppliers who will have their products or personnel on site during the construction)  These businesses are required to submit financial information, quality management standards and details of recent projects. Please read the guidance on Supplier qualification standards. 

Indirect Service Supplier

A simpler registration for those suppliers who can offer services to EDF Energy and main contractors that are not directly related to on-site activity (such as taxi firms, accommodation providers, office supplies, local retailers, etc) These companies will provide a service to the project whilst not necessarily on site.

NB: Businesses from outside the local/regional area

The Sizewell C supplier portal primarily aims to target, map and promote capabilities of businesses in Suffolk (Local) and Regional counties of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Herts & Essex.

Businesses from outside of these areas should register their interest on the EDF Nuclear new build supplier portal by registering on to the National Database

Please note that all registrations are subject to approval by the Site administration service.

Direct or Indirect Supplier

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