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Sizewell C Supply Chain has been been set up to target, map and promote capabilities of businesses in Suffolk and the regional areas of Norfolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Herts and Cambridgeshire.

Companies interested in becoming involved at Sizewell C’s sister project Hinkley Point C in Somerset should also register

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Benefits to Suppliers

  • Registering on this supply chain database is a primary route to being considered for work at Sizewell C.
  • If you are not ‘visible’ on the database we will not be able to put your company forward to Tier 1 contractors as contracts become available.
  • Registered companies will be kept up to date on the project through the website, newsletters and events. We will publish details of work packages as they become available and offer business support in the form of gap analysis, funding advice and introducing you to like-minded companies interested in the project
  • Registration is Free!

Appointed Sizewell C Contractors.

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19th April 2022

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