What is Hinkley Point C?

Hinkley Point C, located in Somerset, is a ground-breaking project as the UK’s First EPR nuclear power plant. With two reactors, this power plant will produce enough zero-carbon electricity to meet the needs of approximately six million homes. As the pioneer in its field, Hinkley Point C represents a revolutionary approach to clean energy, resulting in a reduction of 9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. In addition to its environmental impact, the project also creates employment opportunities, with 22,000 jobs being generated on site. Hinkley Point C plays a significant role in ensuring Britain’s future energy security, making it an essential nuclear asset to the nation.

Hinkley Point C is not solely benefiting sustainable energy usage; the project is also supporting various other aspects, thereby showcasing the wider benefits of the nuclear industry as a whole. Take a look at their Socio-economic Impact Report to see the true change which is occurring from the the build of Hinkley Point C.

Big Carl (the biggest crane in the world) captured lifting the dome onto Hinkley Point C’s first reactor. Hitting a major milestone in the project.