Sizewell C Supply Chain

Delivered by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

On January 15th, 2024, the triggering of Sizewell C’s Development Consent Order (DCO) signifies a significant milestone for the project, bringing it closer to the commencement of construction activities. This milestone marks the imminent start of the “Shovels in the ground” operation.

The DCO provides a detailed outline of the planned development and its associated works, showcasing the project’s commitment to generating low-carbon electricity to power approximately six million homes in the UK. With the formal commencement of the DCO, construction can now begin, fostering job creation and support for local businesses. As the project gains further momentum, the Sizewell C Supply Chain team of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce will continue to collaborate with local and regional businesses across East Anglia. Our mission is to ensure that local businesses, communities, educational institutions, and charitable organizations are equipped with the necessary information and guidance to actively participate in the project. This inclusive approach aims to empower stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to engage effectively with Sizewell C, further enhancing the project’s positive impact on the entire region.


In anticipation of approval for the power station, Sizewell C has launched a jobs portal for those seeking employment on the project.

Sizewell C
What it means for you!

  • An opportunity to contribute to Britain’s Net Zero 2050 target
  • Thousands of local well-paid jobs during and beyond construction
  • Investment in education and skills
  • A net gain in land for biodiversity


‘CompeteFor’ will be the location for all opportunities related to the build of Sizewell C. In addition to the main tender releases.