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Welcome to our Skills and Training hub, dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations gearing up for the dynamic opportunities presented by Sizewell C.  Our aim… To bridge the gap between ambition and expertise. Our comprehensive platform showcases a myriad of skills and facilities essential for the thriving energy sector. Whether you’re seeking specialised training, honing technical proficiency, or accessing cutting-edge resources, our platform is your gateway to success in the Sizewell C development. Explore the diverse offerings tailored to fuel your growth and make a lasting impact in this exciting venture!

New Anglia LEP - Skills Bootcamps

The aim of Skills Bootcamps is to:

Provide businesses with targeted and flexible training to upskill their employees so they can gain progression within the business.

Aid businesses to hire people with the skills required and help fill their vacancies.

Support individuals to develop skills and fulfil their potential and assist people currently un-employed or returning to work to find skilled local employment.

Skills Bootcamps are open to anyone 19+ who has the right to live and work in the UK.  For individuals and self-employed the training is fully funded.

Skills Bootcamps are employer led programmes aimed to meet business needs.  The training is delivered by our approved training providers, offering flexible training

solutions, with many being delivered remotely.

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Fit For Nuclear (F4N) - NUCLEAR AMRC

F4N lets companies measure their operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning – and take the necessary steps to close any gaps.

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) is a unique service to help UK manufacturing companies get ready  for work in the nuclear supply chain. Delivering the core areas of business excellence and sector-specific assessment and improvement, with new upgraded nuclear elements. To provide additional value and support, it will also provide a range of support including:

  • Events to help you engage with customers and decision-makers, discuss shared challenges, and network and share knowledge with your industry peers.
  • Services to help you secure work with nuclear customers, including signposting to opportunities and tenders, and access to UK supply chain benchmarking data.
  • Training to increase knowledge and understanding of nuclear sector topics, delivered with industry-leading skills partners.

From 2024, F4N is moving to a cohort model, with a number of companies starting their F4N journey at the same time, and sharing good practice and lessons as they progress together.

What to do next? If you have any questions about the F4N programme, contact: 

Energy Supply Chain - Employer Readiness Programme: West Suffolk College

The Energy Readiness Programme has been put into place to ensure the business community are prepared to be able to engage and capture opportunities which exist throughout the

Energy Sector in the Eastern Region and beyond. Starting from a FREE Training Needs Analysis of your organisation which will provide an accurate plan on how to develop your staff and prepare for local opportunities in the energy sector.

Employers and their staff will be able to engage in training modules to give base line skill and quality requirements in order to allow them to compete within the Energy Sector.

The Energy Readiness Programme offers plethora of modules which employers may look to start improving skills and more importantly behaviours, to equip themselves suitability for the energy sector.

NASN - Gain Awareness In Nuclear

GAIN is a fully facilitated, cost-effective solution to ensure new hires gain a comprehensive awareness of the nuclear industry.

Designed to maximise the value of your investment in new recruits, GAIN can be implemented from the very start of their career journey. It is available in both online and face-to-face formats.

Building on the Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness qualification, GAIN prepares new entrants for careers in the nuclear industry. Suitable for all job roles and levels, the program offers a complete sector perspective through three units covering nuclear new build, operations, decommissioning, and the fuel cycle. It ensures a thorough understanding of nuclear history, science, and the application of nuclear energy and waste disposal.

GAIN addresses the growing need for distance learning and the increase in remote working across the sector. High-quality online learning supports induction and upskilling programmes effectively, saving both time and money compared to traditional methods that require travel and time away from work and home.

NASN - INsight to Nuclear

INsight to Nuclear is a comprehensive training programme designed to equip your company with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan for success in the UK Nuclear industry. The training supports you in developing your knowledge through a combination of interactive digital and face-to-face training sessions, using real-life case studies, you will be guided through the complexities of the industry.

This programme aim is to support your company’s move into nuclear, every step of the way through covering a variety of crucial topics, in addition to providing you access to leading industry groups and events for opportunities to network with other key figures in the industry.

Young SZC Programme

The Young Sizewell C programme helps connect young people to in-demand career and apprenticeship opportunities in the region.

This includes jobs in Suffolk and Norfolk, as well as providing information and updates on the future Sizewell C project. 

Whether you’re still at school or college, in or out of the workplace, or not sure about what you want to be, we want to help you fast-track your future.

Learn more from our apprentices, graduates and employees on what it’s like to work at a nuclear power station in our employment prospectus.

East Coast Energy Training Academy

The East Coast Energy Training Academy provides core training in the sectors of: Maritime, Engineering, Electrical, Construction and Business Solutions, along with Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

The academy offers clear progression pathways, from Level 3 through to higher-level study programmes and apprenticeships across the nuclear, oil, and gas, decommissioning and renewable industries.

Commercial customers who want to upskill and develop their staff’s technical and management competencies and qualifications will also be able to sign up to take courses at the state-of-the-art centre.

HEXIS Training

HEXIS Training delivers both fully accredited and bespoke technical training courses specialising in Renewables, Oil & Gas and Nuclear. Their team are experts in delivering their key training through four modules:

  • Full Basic Safety Training
  • Working at Height & Manual Handling
  • Core
  • Service Lift

Hexis also offer the GWO Basic Safety Training and GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher packages, covering Working at Height and Rescue, Fire Awareness, First Aid, Manual Handling and Sea Survival.

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