Ashley’s Visit to Hinkley Point C

Head of Sizewell C Engagement, Ashley Shorey-Mills was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit Hinkley Point C. Here Ashley reports on his first impressions of the site

Pictured: Abbie Pokorny – Legal Affairs Director SZC , Roddy Miller – SZC Consortium, Ashley Shorey- Mills – Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement, Peter Aldous MP, Cameron Gilmour- Sizewell C Consortium, Tom Mc Garry – Head of Regional External Affairs and Development, SZC

In February, I had the opportunity to have an extended visit to the Hinkley point C site, accompanying Peter Aldous, the MP for Lowestoft and Waveney.  We were also joined by the team from the Sizewell C Consortium, with a view to how we learn the lessons from Somerset and bring them to Suffolk, ensuring the greatest success and benefit is felt in our region from the Sizewell C project.

The first thing that strikes you is the scale of this project.  It truly is British engineering at its best, with so much going on across the entire site, but a feeling of control and understanding that everyone on site knew exactly what was going on.  When we visited, there were over 7000 people on site and the sheer size of every activity they were undertaking was just monumental

The purpose of these types of visits, is to keep our region completely up to date with what is happening on these massive projects, to ensure that we can share information and as a region, learn the lessons and transfer their expertise and knowledge.  Having spoken to Peter since we returned, both of us are in agreement that done properly, this project will be a genuine step change and boost to our region, and will provide such a huge increase in skills, employment and legacy.

I cannot stress enough, that when you visit the Hinkley Point C site, it honestly takes your breath away with how everything is amplified and scaled up.  It excited me that we could be experiencing this in Suffolk, contributing to NET ZERO, but also growing a supply chain and skillset that will see our region be on the front foot for so much in the coming years

The team will be visiting later this month and I have every confidence that they will be coming back with renewed vigour and determination to help deliver this project with the maximum benefit latest Images from Hinkley for our businesses across East Anglia.

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