EDF and its partner CGN announced this morning that unit 1 of Taishan nuclear power plant in China had become the world’s first EPR reactor to enter into commercial operation.

The EPR reactor is the same technology being deployed at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, and which we intend to use at Sizewell C in Suffolk.

Simone Rossi, Chief Executive of EDF Energy, said: “This is a great step forward for the EPR and shows that the UK can have confidence in the reactor design which we are using at Hinkley Point C and planning to use at Sizewell C. It also demonstrates the value of our partnership with CGN. Hinkley is already benefiting from lessons learned at Taishan and other EPR projects. This experience will also help lower costs for Sizewell C so that nuclear remains competitive and continues to deliver jobs, skills and industrial opportunities for the UK.”

Development of the EPR at Taishan Unit 2 continues, and further announcements are expected soon.  Significant progress has been made at Hinkley Point C, with collaboration between experts from CGN and EDF Group and expertise brought from Taishan Unit 1 being key factors.

This week Hinkley Point C marked the successful completion of its final construction milestone of 2018: in a job that took over 30 hours, teams poured concrete on the first part of the first reactor’s 4,500 tonne base, which provides the solid platform for the reactor buildings.

A video of the work at Hinkley Point C is available at this link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrQrKowA7fE/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Source: Tom McGarry – Head of Stakeholder Engagement Sizewell C