Work package focus – Catering

‘Field to Fork Supply Chain Initiative’

Feeding Sizewell C may not be an obvious supply chain requirement for a Nuclear Power Plant, but with the potential peak of 8,000 personnel during the construction lifetime, it is a serious and challenging consideration, and one that will make a significant financial contribution to the region.

We know, and it has been proved at Hinkley Point C, that the majority of food and drink on site can be sourced locally. Equally we are confident that in East Anglia, we have the climate, skills and natural resources, alongside the vision and expertise to support and develop all aspects of the food and catering supply chain solution.

Future planning is essential and right now and we are proactively engaging with local and regional businesses across the entire spectrum; from butchers, to bakers – maybe not candlestick makers, but the reality is whether you supply fresh produce, dairy, wholesale food products or work at the more practical end of providing a full physical catering facility and vending machines, there are supply chain opportunities available.

Hinkley Point C is not even at peak, and has already served over 4,000,000 meals and uses around

The Hinkley Point C Construction Site

300 local suppliers.

By working together, we believe that companies involved in the sector, locally and regionally, can benefit from the stimulus that Sizewell C will provide both during construction and in the onward operational life of the power plant.

No matter your size, or produce, we want to hear from you, so get in touch with the team

Julia Hale – Business Adviser – SZC Supply chain engagement