HPC Case Studies

Molly Fox – Health and Safety Apprentice
16 year-old Molly lives in Minehead and recently finished college in Taunton, but was uncertain of what career path to take. In November 2019, Molly started a Health and Safety Apprenticeship at Hinkley Point C.
“When I finished my GSCEs, I was completely stuck on what I wanted to do. My aunt works in health and safety and throughout the summer of 2019 I did a few days’ work with her. I thoroughly enjoyed it and realised soon after that I wanted to pursue a similar job role.
“I decided to take the role here at HPC because it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve actually been able to pursue the career I wanted to do and I feel as though this would have been a struggle anywhere else. HPC offered me the job role I exactly wanted to do.”

Tom Keirle – Lifting Apprentice

Twenty-seven-year-old Tom from Bridgwater never thought that he would go from being a shop worker to operating a tower crane. But having pursued a Lifting Technician Apprenticeship with Bylor, he is now well on his way at HPC.
“This opportunity is something that I never would have dreamt about. I worried that going from my previous job back into an educational environment would be difficult but it’s been great. If there was anyone out there, of any age, who wants to try something new, or go for a complete career change
– I would thoroughly recommend going down the apprenticeship route. Being able to say that I was part of one of the biggest construction projects to grace the UK for a generation – that’s something pretty special.”

Mike Morgan Electrical Services and COMA

Using the advice and guidance offered by the Hinkley Supply Chain Team, Mike Morgan Electrical Services combined with two other local companies – Wessex Water and Hydroline Solutions – to form the Construction Operations Management Alliance (COMA). The venture won a major £50 million contract for the maintenance of the construction utilities at HPC.
Mike Morgan, Managing Director at Mike Morgan Electrical Services, said: “HPC has really established us as a company. We’ve grown by 70% a year for the past three years and plan to grow by 20% year on year for the next three. Our turnover has increased six-fold and we’ve also gone from 12 to 68 people. In turn, this has allowed us to provide a great place for apprentices to learn their trade – we have 14 in training now.”