Jackson Civil Engineering – Creating Positive Impacts On-Site and Beyond

Jackson, an Ipswich-based civil engineering firm with both regional and national capabilities, has been showcasing their impressive operations, embodying their mantra: “Doing a good job works for everyone. Pure and simple. It’s what we call… Good Works.”

With opportunities arising around Suffolk and East Anglia, such as Sizewell C, Jackson Civil Engineering has been preparing to meet future requirements through impressive ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) activities. Their engagement with the Sizewell C Supply Chain has helped them understand and establish the necessary requirements to secure opportunities.
Jackson Civil Engineering emphasises continuous development in their operations and their environmental and social activities. This commitment is evident in their recent implementation of hydrogen fuel cells as a clean energy power source, replacing diesel generators. Additionally, they inspire future engineers through educational initiatives across East Anglia via their STEM ambassadors.

Positive On-Site Impacts: Introducing Hydrogen Fuel Cells

With the government’s goal to reach Net Zero by 2050, it is crucial for businesses to reduce carbon emissions. Jackson Civil Engineering is leading by example. For the past three years, Jackson has partnered with T.C.P ECO, a regional equipment manufacturer and hire service provider, which runs their equipment entirely on hydrogen. This partnership has enabled Jackson to implement a clean solution for electricity generation on their sites, moving away from noisy, polluting diesel generators. The transition to hydrogen fuel cells has brought numerous benefits, including a reduction in noise pollution, ensuring minimal disturbance to urban areas and environmental habitats. Research shows that hydrogen fuel cells are 20%-30% more efficient than other fuels, providing a sustainable approach for Jackson Civil Engineering. Andrew Campbell, Environmental Lead at Jackson, states, “Our use of hydrogen continues apace – helping us to move towards our Net Zero and emission targets.”

Positive Off-Site Impacts: Inspiring the Future of Engineers

Jackson Civil Engineering recognises the importance of growing and developing specialist skills within the sector. This is achieved through their belief in ‘the power of people,’ actioned by their STEM ambassadors. Jackson delivers 160 hours of STEM activities to schools and colleges near their sites. Over the past year, Jackson has engaged with future engineers through various STEM initiatives, including hosting an Engineers Day at Suffolk One Sixth Form College in Ipswich and judging a design competition at Stowmarket High School. They have also participated in numerous Career Days at Kesgrave High School in Ipswich and Paxman Academy in Colchester. Other initiatives include hosting civil engineering challenges for girl guides at Trinity Park in Ipswich, encouraging more girls to consider careers in civils and construction, as well as donating science books to primary schools in Woodbridge and Rougham.

Kiran Nolloth, currently working at Jackson and studying for a degree apprenticeship, first encountered the organisation at an Engineers Day at Suffolk One Sixth Form College two years ago. Impressed by the experience, he applied to join the company and now returns to the college to share his journey into civil engineering. Kiran shares his experience:

“After studying a Level 3 extended diploma at Suffolk One, I saw an advert for an apprentice estimator and immediately applied. Jackson really opened a door to my career by offering me a fantastic opportunity straight out of college. The careers day hosted by Jackson made me realise what I wanted to do. This inspired me to become a STEM ambassador to help others discover their career paths early and provide information about Jackson and civil engineering. When I talk to students, I discuss different pathways into civil engineering, such as university or degree apprenticeships like mine, where you learn while you study. Returning to my college, showing my achievements, and helping students gives me a sense of pride and fulfilment.”

Committed to growing and shaping future communities, Jackson believes their legacy lies ‘not in the concrete they pour but in the people who pour it and the communities impacted as a result.’  This commitment is clearly demonstrated through their outstanding social development initiatives.

The Future of Jackson Civil Engineering

The future looks promising for Jackson Civil Engineering. Over the past five years, the company has experienced significant growth, with turnover rising from £94 million in 2018 to £120 million in 2023. Jackson has outlined a plan for controlled growth over the next five years, aiming to meet and exceed their long-term goals of stability and success. This continuous growth, both financially and in terms of social and environmental impact, will enable Jackson Civil Engineering to truly support the construction sector and provide specialist capabilities on both local and national scales. Being based in Ipswich, Jackson Civil Engineering has also registered with both the Sizewell C and Suffolk Supply Chain to effectively support civil engineering within the County, with aims to contribute towards truly local economic growth from the construction sector.

Insight for Businesses

Preparation is crucial. Companies aiming to work on large-scale infrastructure projects like Sizewell C must be ready when opportunities arise. Our advice is to act now, make those changes and improvements to your business and implement positive actions to enable you to showcase your business in the most effective way. Take a cue from Jackson Civil Engineering and consult the Sizewell C Supply Chain team for guidance and support. Contact the team via: sizewellcinfo@suffolkchamber.co.uk

Email: enquiries@jackson-civils.co.uk

Telephone: 01473 238300

Web: https://www.jackson-civils.co.uk/