AD Bly Construction: Reengineering Road Works to Provide New Access to Sizewell Nuclear Stations

AD Bly Construction has been working closely with Imtech / Dalkia on an Infrastructure project at Sizewell B and C nuclear power stations to support the projects delivery phase.

As Sizewell C develops through its delivery phase, facilitating infrastructure requirements is vital to ensure the successful delivery of all logistics related to this critical project.  AD Bly construction has successfully delivered one of the first infrastructure improvements through their successful delivery of a £1.8 million contract for clients Dalkia.

Founded in 1989, AD Bly Construction is a civil works organisation which has depots located in various parts of the United Kingdom, including their HQ in Old Knebworth, Hertfordshire.  The firm specialises in a multitude of projects, such as residential, retail, commercial, education and infrastructure.  AD Bly joined the Sizewell C Supply Chain portal in 2023 to ensure they stayed up to date with all the latest Sizewell C related information. With 30 years of industry experience resulting in the specialisation of civil engineering, ground works and concrete frames, AD Bly has been able to successfully fulfil Dalkia’s contract of constructing a new access road within Sizewell B to facilitate the release of land for the new Sizewell C nuclear power station.  More excellent progression towards the development of Sizewell C.

“Since AD Bly have been involved in various schemes at Sizewell, we have been really impressed with how the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce have been so actively involved in pulling together local contractors & suppliers to ensure that they are made aware of the opportunities coming online. Please keep up the great work.” –  Paul Helliar, Operations Director,  AD Bly Construction