Revamped Works Tracker launched to improve information access for local communities

Sizewell C have revamped and relaunched the public Works Tracker as part of their commitment to providing clear and accessible information to the local community.

The Works Tracker, which has been available since the start of 2022, has had an improved user experience following feedback from local communities and stakeholders. The Community Relations team at Sizewell C want to provide information in a clear and accessible way, to keep local communities, stakeholders, and members of the public informed on the progress of work both in their local area as well as across the whole project.

Paul Lennon, Senior Community Relations Manager, said: “The Works Tracker is an excellent tool which will provide information, news, and updates about the main Sizewell C development, as well as associated works happening in the local area. We wanted to create a one-stop-shop location where people can find the information about our works in a more visual, intuitive, and interactive way.”

The Works Tracker is managed and maintained by Sizewell C’s Community Relations team and provides the public  with easy access to information on current and upcoming works being undertaken by the project. You can visit the Tracker at any time by visiting

Source: Carl Turner Communications Manager for the Construction of – Sizewell C / 28th September 2023