Introducing our November 2018 newsletter

simone-rossiIn a keynote speech at the annual Energy UK conference held in London in October this year, Simone Rossi, EDF Energy’s CEO explained, when referring to the new build at Hinkley in Somerset that “We have a great opportunity at Sizewell C to build a replica which would allow us to reduce the design costs.

It would also reduce the development costs and we would profit from a skilled and experienced supply chain as well as lower qualification costs and paper work. All of that means a reduction in construction costs of about 20% which will eventually flow through to consumers.”

When Sizewell C’s Stage 3 Consultation commences and subject to the results of such a significant exercise, the prospects of a Design Consent Order (DCO) being submitted become increasingly realistic. Now is the time to get your business registered and to start making strategic decisions as to how you are going to get involved so that you can maximise the various opportunities for your business.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce are working with colleagues in Somerset where Hinkley C is under construction and in Essex, where plans are formulating in relation to Bradwell B to encourage the development of skills and relevant experience. We will be looking to see if we can help Suffolk and regional businesses improve their nuclear credentials by being considered for opportunities in Somerset – there will be more on this in future newsletters and Suffolk Chamber communications. In the meantime, enjoy our latest newsletter and look forward to working with you soon.

Miles Vartan

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

Supply Chain Officer