Office Water Supplies: Delivering Fresh Drinking Water to Tier 1 Contractors at Sizewell C

Office Water Supplies Ltd, a local provider of bottled water and drinking water dispensers in East Anglia for over three decades, recently showcased their success in securing contracts and supplying Tier 1 contractors on the Sizewell C project. In an interview, Managing Director Paul Mitchell engaged in a dynamic discussion with Sizewell C Supply Chain Marketing Coordinator Jack Bowen, highlighting the company’s rapid growth within the project.

Securing Contracts at Sizewell C

For the past 15 months, Office Water Supplies has been supplying contractors such as Arcadis, Fugro, VolkerFitzpatrick, TCi Construction Works, Vertas, and Dalkia. Initially securing a 6-month contract with Arcadis, the company’s involvement expanded over time. Paul explained their initial process of securing a contract, this involved being sub-contracted by a national drinking water supplier through a commercial fixed-rate supplier cluster. From there, building brand awareness on-site was crucial for their growth, as having their vans, water bottles, and coolers at Sizewell C attracted businesses, leading to the establishment of supplier agreements and fortnightly deliveries to contractors.

Benefits of Contracting at Sizewell C

Paul emphasised the benefits derived from these contracts, including the ability to hire a new staff member to support increased operations. With projected operations indicating the need for additional employees and fleet vans to meet summer demand, displaying how vital it is to adapt and grow their operations in line with the project. Office Water Supplies has also actively explored sustainable solutions, such as previously testing electric vehicles, aligning with Sizewell C’s ESG commitments.

Support from the Sizewell C Supply Chain Team

Networking and building relationships within the region have been essential for Office Water Supplies. Support from the Sizewell C Supply Chain team facilitated connections with contractors like Dalkia and Vertas, ultimately leading to direct contracts. Paul expressed his gratitude for the team’s support since their first encounter in 2022, citing their assistance with business networks and portal updates.

Advice for Local SMEs Interested in Sizewell C

Paul offered advice to local and regional businesses interested in working with Sizewell C, emphasising patience, preparation, flexibility, and open communication. Securing contracts may take time and commitment, requiring businesses to ensure their paperwork and accreditations are in order while remaining flexible to meet delivery requirements. Preparation is the biggest key and having them two-way conversations with Sizewell C.

Future Outlook for Office Water Supplies

Looking ahead, Office Water Supplies aims to enhance brand awareness not only at Sizewell C but also throughout Suffolk and East Anglia. The project serves as a foundation for establishing relationships with Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors, positioning the company as a leading drinking water supplier in the region.

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