Office Water Supplies LTD secures early opportunity to be the source of fresh drinking water at Sizewell C

Office Water Supplies Ltd, a Norfolk based drinking water dispensary business which has been delivering locally sourced bottled water and drinking water dispensers to the East Anglia for over 30 years, recently secured an initial 6-month supply agreement to be the source of fresh drinking water at Sizewell C. The project is rapidly gaining traction, and a multitude of organisations will soon be securing opportunities on Sizewell C. Paul Mitchell, Director at Office Water Supplies Ltd was clear, “We see the benefits from Sizewell C as an opportunity for growth and relationship building with a variety of industries throughout the region. We are currently providing the Hornsea 3 Onshore Cabling Works team with their drinking water requirements and see Sizewell C as an obvious next step for Office Water Supplies Ltd.”

Introduction to the Sizewell C Project
Office Water Supplies Ltd was first introduced to the Sizewell C Supply Chain team back in 2021 when exhibiting at the Anglia Business Exhibition. After multiple discussions and attending a number of excellent roadshow events held by the Sizewell C Supply Chain, Office Water Supplies saw the benefits that the Sizewell C project would provide, not just to increase turnover, but also a positive shift in their operations. As a result, Office Water Supplies Ltd have increased their workforce to accommodate the delivery of the Sizewell C contract. Furthermore, the abundance of information which was provided to Office Water Supplies resulted in the organisation implementing a bio-degradable scheme and recently trialling an electric van to discover whether they can introduce these to their fleet.

Support from the Sizewell C Supply Chain Team
Paul added “The Sizewell C Supply Chain has been brilliant to us. They are so welcoming when attending the various roadshows and the newsletters provided are very helpful in terms of gathering information on the project and as a reminder to continuously update the supply chain portal. We hope to secure further work at Sizewell C, but the experience and knowledge gained through the project, along with networking opportunities have helped us as a business. In addition, a big thank you especially to Ashley, Julia and Samuel for their support and reassurance throughout. The portals are easily accessible and user friendly and I would recommend all businesses to sign up and stay regularly in contact with the team as the opportunities begin appearing”.

The future for Office Water Supplies LTD
“Depending on the volume of work we can secure, Sizewell C will result in additional employment within both clerical and operational team members being required. We have introduced positive environment friendly aspects to our operation, including a new filter recycling scheme preventing waste of both plastic and resin, along with the launch of compositable paper cups and other aspects are being constantly reviewed and monitored”.

The Office Water Supplies team, located in Snetterton Business Park, Norwich