Risk Management for Sizewell C

Building a nuclear power station such as Sizewell C and Hinkley Point C requires related ‘risk’ to be managed down to the lowest practical level. The main objective being to keep people safe combined with keeping the project to time and cost.

To facilitate these builds, EDF shall appoint a range of Tier 1 companies, requiring them to provide EDF with a verified and assured supplier base; delays and or incidents cause delays or even worse accidents – Risk has to be managed to prevent these issues from arising. Well run local and regional businesses to Sizewell will address the subject of ‘risk’ – most not to the levels that are required to work successfully in the nuclear sector.

Required conformance standards for working in the ‘nuclear Island’ sections of a power station are managed by the industry and assessed through various organisations such as the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the H&SE that adopt a probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) approach. Aspects such as safety observations, continual improvement and related training and then more training are seen as standard, but essential elements for any company to operate effectively in the sector

As the potential build of Sizewell C moves towards a Design Consent Order being considered, the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Supply Chain team are able to assist your business in getting ready for new nuclear and thereby improving your companies chances in securing work. As plans become firmer and the timetable for the build become public, the Chamber shall ensure that you meet the right people and understand the standards that are required to be met….

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Miles Vartan – Suffolk Chamber of Commerce  – Supply Chain Officer