Suffolk Chamber of Commerce welcomes the Government’s new Energy Strategy

Ashley Shorey-Mills – Head of SZC Supply Chain engagements.

“Suffolk Chamber of Commerce welcomes the Government’s new Energy Strategy, which places the nuclear sector at the centre of its plans.  We are particularly enthused by the Secretary of State’s clear comments and positive messaging around Sizewell C and plans to extend the operational lifetime of Sizewell B.

“This is good news for both Suffolk and the region’s business community, where projects such as Sizewell C will see huge investment and opportunity afforded to our local supply chain.  Suffolk Chamber is actively working with over 1,800 businesses who are signed up to the Sizewell C Supply Chain, and we anticipate another increase in those engaged with us after today’s announcement.

“The East Anglian coastline provides a tremendous mix of energy solutions, with a thriving off shore wind sector and of course a long standing relationship with Nuclear.  With a predicted 10% of the UK’s energy to be provided by Sizewell B & C, along with over 50% of the UK’s installed offshore wind capacity, the news today should give confidence to the people and businesses of Suffolk.  The legacy of skills, opportunities and growth are something the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce will look to ensure is felt across the whole of our county.”

Ashley Shorey-Mills, Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement at Suffolk Chamber.