Time to ‘Turnover’

The Sizewell C Supply chain portal has recently had an update and new Turnover spaces have been added to the registration template.

EDF and Suffolk Chamber provide the Sizewell C Supply chain portal so that once Tier 1 contractors are appointed they will be made aware of the portal and the capabilities of our regional suppliers. Please help us to help you promote your company to Tier 1’s by keeping your registration as current as possible.

Areas to be considered when reviewing your details include:

  • Has your company recently achieved new accreditations?
  • Have your main contact details changed?
  • Have you moved premises?
  • Do you have the correct Keywords
  • Is your company listed under the correct Categories and Capabilities?

Main contractor procurement teams will consider the financial turnover of suppliers for the higher value packages. so it is also important that  ‘Direct Supplier’s  add their company Turnover figures and that they are kept up to date.

IMPORTANT -We are currently requesting all suppliers who have registered as ‘Direct’ to log in to the portal to add company turnover for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

( NB: this information is required to inform the SZC supply chain team and will not be visible to any other registered companies on the portal.)

To log in to the site please visit www.sizewellcsupplychain.co.uk and log in at the top right hand corner of the portals ‘home page’. Forgotten passwords can be requested by contacting Angela.

Ensure your registration is as accurate as possible to help us ensure that when Sizewell C is ready to be built you will be ready to receive information of opportunities to help build it.

Email: angela@suffolkchamber.co.uk.