Training and Employment

The construction of Sizewell C will require a highly skilled and competent construction workforce throughout the supply chain. With a build programme of approximately 10 years and a peak workforce of around 5,600, it provides an invaluable opportunity for sustained employment and enhanced skills provision for both individuals and businesses in Suffolk and surrounding Regional areas.


Given the size and scale of the development, the Project will require the training and development of large numbers of people now and into the future against the backdrop of increasing demand from an expanding engineering and construction sector – a challenge that will be overcome by a number of innovative methods and investments.

The vast majority of the Sizewell C workforce will be employed by large Tier 1 contractors. Each will provide EDF Energy with employment and skills plans to identify the required demand for workers and skills in their specific area of expertise. This data can then be used to inform the relevant need for the supply of skills training by Suffolk and Regional training providers.

Given the increased demand for skills in the coming years, training providers across Suffolk will be working in partnership with EDF Energy and the Tier 1 contractors to ensure both the delivery of skilled workers for the project and the opening of opportunities for the local workforce and supply chain.