Supporting Young People

To build a legacy, longevity is key…

That is why the Young Sizewell C programme was established. To connect and support both career and apprenticeship opportunities across region; providing a future for the younger generation.

The Young Sizewell C programme offers opportunities for individuals aged 16-21 to truly immerse themselves into their future career through an array of tools including:

  • Employment Prospectus
  • Young Sizewell C Virtual Careers Portal
  • Icanbea (I can be a). A software which focusses on matching your interests with a job role.

To find out more on these tools, visit Young SZC


Or you can look into joining EDF on one of their apprenticeship programmes. Become part of a better energy future by learning the skills you need  to build a great career.

To find out more about these exciting apprenticeship opportunities please visit the EDF Energy website.