Training and Employment Prospectus

Sizewell C has launched a jobs service and skills and employment prospectus to open up access to opportunities with the project.

The Jobs Service will provide information about the many different roles that could become available if Sizewell C gets the go-ahead. It will also help young people and those looking for new careers in the Suffolk region to find training and education so that they are well prepared when jobs on the project become available.

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, Managing Director of Nuclear Development, Sizewell C said: “I am excited by the opportunities Sizewell C will offer to Suffolk. I have always believed in the importance of delivering opportunities for those living closest to the power station. I want to make sure the project gives equal access to anyone who wants to be part of it. I hope this jobs prospectus gives a flavour of the many doors Sizewell C could open for people living in East Anglia.”


The prospectus sets out the ways the project will help to transform lives through:

• A jobs service where we will work with the local Youth Employment Service and Jobs Centres to ensure local communities know what employment opportunities are available.

• A fund to enhance facilities and resources for colleges and training providers in the region so that we have a local workforce with the right skills.

• A bursary scheme that aims to remove barriers, ensuring education and training is accessible to all.

• Pre-employment training and outreach initiatives to maximise opportunities for economically disadvantaged and hard-to-reach groups.

We will do this in close partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership, Councils, the Department for Work and Pensions and voluntary groups.

Hinkley Point C in Somerset is the first new nuclear power station to be built in a generation. Now four years into construction the project is going beyond what we set out to achieve for job creation, apprenticeships and investment in the local economy. Sizewell has the potential to do the same.

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson