Update from Ashley

As we head towards Christmas and the new year, and what should be the monumental year for the Sizewell C project, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all Sizewell C Supply Chain portal members a merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

We, as a team, have enjoyed the past 12 months of working alongside many of you, meeting and engaging with you for the first time and helping to bring many of you together through events, webinars or just email exchanges.  For most of us in the team, we joined during the past 12 months and have been enthused and excited by the quality and breadth of the supply chain we have in East Anglia……  Sizewell C is in good hands

Next year is expected to be decision time, both around planning permission to build the New Nuclear power station (April), and then finally the funding model and funding agreements in place so that we can look to have spades in the ground in January 2023.  It is getting closer and closer now, and we will be working hard through the next 12 months to ensure we gain the information, insight and guidance that we can pass on to our portal businesses to give us all the best chance to form a successful part of the supply chain for this enormous project

One of the key lessons we have learnt this year is around the importance of the portal.  With the early work we have done, working alongside the teams at Sizewell C, the level of detail and accuracy of your portal entry is vital to showcasing who you are and importantly getting you in front of the right people.  So please, if we can ask anything of you all as we head into this vital year in the project, is that all businesses maintain and update your portal entries on a regular basis.  We also like to see multiple contacts and keep those contacts relevant as recently, we have invited many businesses to events, but we either have no response, or upon chasing invitees, we find that people left the business some time ago.  We want to help you get your chance, but we need you to help us.

Especially important are the following areas;

Key words – Use these like you would your google SEO, and ensure you list all the key services, skills and abilities your business has, to ensure you are found through searches for certain skillsets

Description – use this to really sell what you do and showcase your ability.  This should perfectly outline who you are and what you do

Case Studies – It is imperative for you to be able to prove what you do, and especially ifd you have worked on any form of larger scale project before.  No matter what the subject matter, including case studies highlights that you can deliver on what you are able to do and also shows levels of scale and accuracy that the lead contractors will be looking for when selecting businesses to talk with.

Accreditations – Showing that you have standards that your business adheres too, and you have clear and detailed policies on your working practices will be a key part of the tender process for working on a nuclear project, so having these loaded on to the portal helps your business look as professional and ready as possible.

We are always on hand to assist and help and guide you as much as we can, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the team.  We want to help as many of you as possible win work at Sizewell C, so staying in touch helps us to help you

Merry Christmas from the Sizewell C Supply chain team