Welcome to July’s edition of the newsletter. 

Ashley Shorey-Mills -Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement. (photo -Nicky West Photography)

Welcome to July’s edition of the Sizewell C Supply Chain Newsletter.  It has been a few months since our last update, so firstly apologies for this, but we have had a number of changes recently within the team (more on this later in the update), plus the pace is gathering on the project, making everything more exciting.

Sizewell C is currently in its examination phase, meaning that the planning inspectorate are investigating all the plans to make any further recommendations.  If all this goes to plan, the project enters its final phase before a potential decision is made in the Spring of 2022.  With all this in mind, the focus now is on the early works that are required to enable the nuclear new build to take place.

In July we held our first ‘Meet the Buyer’ event of the year, focussing on the early enabling works. This event was brilliantly supported and we send our thanks to all the businesses who took time out of their busy days to join us.  We hope to hold many more events such as this in the near future and will keep all our portal registered companies up to date with these plans.

Can you help us further?  We are keen to see more and more local and regional businesses join our supply chain portal, so please do not hesitate to recommend any local or regional companies to join.  It does not matter what type of business you are……. There will be a need for services of all manner both directly and in-directly on the Sizewell C build.  We want to see Business across the East of England get the maximum benefit available, and being part of our portal is the key to this.

I look forward to engaging with you more as the project develops.  The team is here to work for you, so please get in touch with us if we can be of any assistance in helping you get ready for Sizewell C

Ashley Shorey-Mills Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement