Welcome to the September Update

Ashley Shorey-Mills -Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement. (photo-

Welcome to your September update from the Sizewell C Supply Chain team, here at the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

As the SZC project nears the end of the examination phase, with news headlines every day speaking of the climate crisis, and the ever-increasing energy bills, there has never been a more key time in the planning of this new nuclear power station.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a noticeable and substantial increase in businesses registering to join the Supply Chain portal which is so fantastic to see.  The desire and expertise shown by companies from across our region, in all sectors of business, is so vast that it gives genuine confidence and optimism that we WILL be able to deliver on the promises of a local legacy as a result of building Sizewell C.

As the country begins to open a little more, month by month, my team and I have really enjoyed coming out to meet new and existing businesses, talking about the project as it develops and helping to identify how we can all make the most of the robust and wide-ranging supply chain we have in East Anglia.  Recently, we attended the Lowestoft Regeneration conference, heading up the Supply Chain break out room, and to see so many of you in attendance, supporting both the regeneration of the Lowestoft region and the Sizewell C project was excellent.  The focus on local and delivering that legacy that stretches far beyond Sizewell C was clearly evident, and the opportunity for our local industry to not only deliver, but also help shape the way Sizewell C is built, is one that I cannot wait to take advantage of.

What is so important for everyone involved in the supply chain, as we move into a period of discussions over how and when services will be delivered, is that we are able to understand the abilities and experiences you (as our businesses) have.  In addition, we need to be able to get in touch with you all in a prompt and efficient manner.  This is where the portal registration is simply vital to the success of the local delivery on this project.

Please, can we ask everyone registered, to re visit your portal registration.

  • Check to ensure contact details are correct.
  • Add extra persons of contact if possible.
  • Add relevant Keywords and service descriptions to help you be found……. Sell yourselves and what you do.  Treat your keywords like google SEO, and make sure that every possible variant that you can deliver is clearly listed.
  •  Engage with Angela and the team on the portal and we will help you understand changes you can make to help you stand out.
  • We want you to have the best chance to win as much work as possible, so now is the time to make those edits, add those services, post some case studies and really sell yourselves.

As we head into the autumn and winter, we will be hosting and attending more and more events, so keep an eye on socials, the website and your emails for more info.  We cannot wait to see you all soon.  And of course, if you have any queries or want to talk to the team, then please do not hesitate in coming forward and getting in touch… we want to hear from you

Many thanks

Ashley Shorey-Mills

Head of Sizewell C Supply Chain Engagement