The National Skills Academy (NSAN)

The National Skills Academy

The National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) was established by nuclear employers and Government to address the key skills challenges facing the nuclear programme.  NSAN’s Mission is: To improve the performance of companies in the nuclear industry through collaboration and action on skills.  

NSAN Bursary 

The Nuclear Bursary provides financial support to individuals for education and training opportunities to help with starting or furthering their professional career in nuclear.

The Nuclear Bursary scheme, managed by NSAN and funded by the ECITB and NDA will help the sector to deliver one of the NSSG’s key theme of ‘Exciting the Next Generation’ (attracting and recruiting a diverse range of people into the sector and retaining them with the appropriate level of knowledge transfer in order to minimise the number of fragile skills).

Jo Tipa, Managing Director of NSAN commented:

“This latest round of the bursary scheme will support the sector in the attraction of a diverse mix of skilled peopler, to help meet the sector’s ambitious target. The bursary offers much needed support to individuals looking to move into the nuclear industry, or for individuales employed in small companies, for whom funding can become a barrier to entry.”

The criteria for the latest round of bursaries focusses on supporting some of the key themes outlined in the Nuclear Sector Deal (June 2018).  This report highlights the requirement to ensure that the nuclear industry benefits from a diverse workforce of nuclear skills, including a step-change in the involvement of women in nuclear to achieve 40 percent of the total workforce by 2030. The Sector Deal also aims to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the UK nuclear supply chain, reduce barriers to entry and encourage SMEs to enter the sector.

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